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What drives Latino audiences to engage, interact,  and connect with brands today more than ever?  

Our deep understanding of engagement at every level is what helps our team create opportunities for advertisers to connect with Latinos for a lifetime.

Best in Hispanic regional 

media partnerships

Reyes Media Group has a long history of success in creating the best strategy and channel providers for unique promotional opportunities.


KDTD 1340 AM “La Grande”

KYYS 1250 AM “La X”


Radio websites

Newspaper website

Paid web and social media channels.


Dos Mundos Newspaper


Dos Mundos is Kansas City’s largest and most read Hispanic newspaper for the Spanish speaking community.  Over the 38 years of publishing, Dos Mundos has adapted to include a wide variety of content to educate and inform both communities in English and in Spanish.  This unique feature offers the widest reach of the Hispanic community - 75% - and it serves as one of the most trusted bridges between all the Kansas City communities.


Reyes Media consists of 2 Commercial stations, La X 1250 AM - KYYS with Classic Mexican Regional Hits and

 La Grande 1340 AM - KDTD Top 40 Mexican Regional mix.


Each media outlet hosts a web site for their readers and listeners and each garners a respectable number of unique visitors to their sites.  We can develop in network or out of network ads to run on Google, Facebook, Instagram that leverage the language and culture to reach audiences


Now with over 40,000 Fans and Friends and Followers on Facebook and Twitter, the mix of traditional and new media raises the bar for Hispanic outreach


We can find the best locations and events to get your company seen in the community. Often this works as an “ice-breaker” and proves effective in initial branding.  We can custom build an event for you as well.


Integrated marketing is an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise; it attempts to meld all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media so that all work together as a unified force.

                                            - Data and Marketing Association.

Reaching certain consumer groups can be challenging, Reyes Media offers a “turn key” option to deliver your brand and message through multiple channels to the Hispanic community. 

We are committed to Reaching, Engaging and Delivering the Latino Consumer across all Devices and Channels


Top rated formats with exclusive talent and programs to entertain and engage Spanish speaking audiences through spots, live calls, remotes and much more


Long trusted community weekly newspaper with local, national and international content that bridges the language gap and connects brands with audiences through ads, articles and inserts


Online advertising that aligns with your brand and reaches audiences at many stages of the purchase cycle. Customized ads, videos, landing pages and social media channels focuses on delivering the best ROI.


Festivals, Sports events, custom activities to activate your customers and engage them face to face.

Market Profile


Kansas City, MO-KS Metro Area is home to a population of 2.1M people, from which 96.2% are citizens. 

The ethnic composition of the population of Kansas City, MO-KS Metro Area is composed of 1.53M White residents or (72.8%), 256,756 Black residents or (12.2%)  189,168 Hispanic residents (8.88%),  57,284 Asian residents or (2.72%). 

The most common foreign languages in Kansas City, MO-KS Metro Area are Spanish (108,590 speakers).


In 2016, there were 5.96 times more White residents (1.53M people) in Kansas City, MO-KS Metro Area than any other race or ethnicity. 

There were 256,756 Black and 189,189 Hispanic residents, the second and third most common racial or ethnic groups


As of 2016, 96.2% of Kansas City, MO-KS Metro Area residents were US citizens, which is higher than the national average of 93%.


In 2016, the average household income for the metro was $61,385.  Over 50% of Hispanic households averaged $40,000 or more in annual income.




Manuel and Clara Reyes, publisher and editor respectively, established Dos Mundos, Kansas City’s leading bilingual news source in June 1981.


While many newspapers have been in decline, Dos Mundos continues to serve a community that values the credibility, integrity and local coverage that mainstream media has neglected. 

We are a network of local writers, photographers and distributors that see the loyalty first hand in the reception they receive and the number of issues that are purchased each week.    


Distribution Map


Dos Mundos is now in it’s 38th year of informing the community and providing a weekly hyper local connection to the Hispanic Market in Kansas City. 

Now more than ever we aim to be a credible source of news, events and business information to our readership.  

Today, combined with our digital and social media products, Dos Mundos provides an excellent resource for the community and our partners.


Retail prices are shown in the rate card. Combination buys and frequency discounts can affect final pricing.  Final rates are subject to availability and discounts are based on volume and partnership level.

Printing: Web Offset

Trim Size: 11.5” by 22.5”

Live Area:10.5” by 21”

Line Screen: 85 dpi for BW and Color

Materials: PDF Press ready, JPG, Adobe Suite CS5. Other formats available upon request.


Our website has become the community’s online resource for news and information.  

Web traffic has organically attracted 20K+ visitors per month and 70K page views.

All web ads are accepted under the general conditions of the general advertising agreement.

Web ads are organized in 2 groups, Homepage ads and Interior page ads. Ads must be submitted in 72 dpi as JPG, PNG or GIF file types. Flash ads and embedded HTML5 can also be submitted with 7 days advance notice for testing. Site take overs and video boxes are available as well.

Readership Info: 

Adults: 18 – 54 Years Old

First, Second and Third Generation  

Average Yearly Household Income $48,500

Female Bilingual readers

High Family Values

Extreme loyalty to publication

Key Zip codes: 66103, 66061, 66202, 66203, 64106, 66012, 66216, 66215, 64114, 64050


Each year we plan our editorial around significant events to align with more readers. Deadlines are the Monday prior to publication.

#                DATE             ISSUE TOPIC


KDTD La Grande 1340 AM 

“100% Mexicana” - The Best in Top 40 Mexican Regional Music

This station format addresses the musical taste of the first and second generation individuals of Mexican origin in the United States. 

This market segment has high growth. They have and a strong desire for the sound and feel of “back-home.”  

This is the perfect demographic group to create long lasting product awareness and brand loyalty.



Adults: 18 – 40 years old

Skews to male audience 

First and Second Generation 

Blue Collar Workers 

Household Income $52,000

Spanish Dominant


Retail prices are shown in the rate card. Combination buys and frequency discounts can affect final pricing.  Final rates are subject to availability and discounts are based on volume and partnership level.

KDTD is the OFFICIAL Spanish Broadcast partner of Sporting KC covering all home and away games.

Each year we host radio-thons for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Nov and Children’s Miracle Network in April

Listen LIVE

KDTD 1340AM:


KYYS La “X” 1250 am 

La SUPER Estación

25,000 Watts of Spanish Variety programming

As the largest station of the Reyes Media Family, La “X 1250 am” offers the largest exposure in the midwest reaching a market of 250K+ radio listeners in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri.

 Programming includes “Classic Hits” musical programming with popular blocks such as  “Erazno y la Chokolata”  from 4p-9p or “El Tilichero”, Buy Sell and Trade LIVE show.

Adults: 28 – 60 Years Old

First and Second Generation 

Blue Collar Workers 

Household Income $53,000

Spanish Dominant



Retail prices are shown in the rate card. Combination buys and frequency discounts can affect final pricing.  Final rates are subject to availability and discounts are based on volume and partnership level.

KYYS 1250 is the OFFICIAL “CASA” of the Kansas City Royals Spanish Broadcasts!

Each year we host radio-thons for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Nov. and Children’s Miracle Network in April

Listen LIVE

KYYS 1250 AM:

Digital Channels

Creating brand lift and engagement 

By combing a carefully planned broadcast or print campaign with a digital plan that complements the message and identity, we are able to maximize the number of impressions, activate leads and measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.


Grassroots outreach

Creating a live event for clients to interact with potential customers has proven to be very effective in building good will, activating customers and converting them to clients.   

Some events include:

    •    Remotes

    •    Festivals

    •    Concerts

    •    Career Fairs

Working with you to engage your brand with Latinos

and tapping into new growth opportunity.

Since our founders began their commitment to bridging cultures and communities in 1981, Dos Mundos and Reyes Media group are excited about helping businesses and organizations grow through meaningful strategies and campaigns to attract the Hispanic consumer.


We aim to be a media company that successfully engages the Hispanic Community by accomplishing the following:

    •    Providing the highest quality Spanish radio programming, entertainment and  


    •    Publish news and information that is relevant and valuable to our community

    •    Activate with our audience through digital media

    •    Produce informative and educational events

    •    Achieve outstanding customer relations 

Current and past clients

Our Market, Our Promise

Our Offices are located at: 

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Other info


Dos Mundos - www.dosmundos.com

La Grande - www.lagrande1340kc.com 

La X1250 - www.x1250.com


We can provide electronic or printed invoicing. Affidavits of performance are available by request. Electronic invoicing is also available via “www.radioinvoices.com”

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